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Gibson Parking Lot Pricing & Policies

Gibson Parking Lot Permit Pricing

Single day Parking Permit $6.33 ($6.00 + $0.33 sales tax)
Click here to pay for a single day parking permit                                           Apply for Permit 

Monthly Daytime Parking Permit $33.76 ($32.00 + $1.76 sales tax)
Click here to pay for a Monthly Daytime Parking Permit

Monthly 24 Hour Parking Permit $40.09 ($38.00 + $2.09 sales tax)
Click here to pay for a Monthly 24 hour Parking Permit

Click here to apply for a monthly parking permit

Gibson Parking Lot Policies

Parking Permit is for one vehicle and is non-transferable. 

Parking Permit must be properly displayed and visible while the vehicle is parked in the Gibson Parking Lot.

Please contact Manz Companies or fill out the change of information form, If there is a change of vehicles, license plate information, or a need to update your other information.
Click here to update information

A replacement parking permit is available for lost or damaged parking permits, for $10.00. 

Parking permit is a license for non-exclusive use of a single available parking space in the Gibson Parking Lot. This parking space is only to be used for vehicle parking, the vehicle must be functional and have a current state license and active insurance.

Any vehicle parked in a driveway or access route, or obstructing access to other parking spaces will be towed without notice.

Any vehicle without a valid parking permit properly displayed will be towed at the vehicle owners expense.

Monthly parking permits are valid from the 1st of the month thru the last day of that calendar month.

Renewal of monthly parking permit is due on or before the first of the month.

Daily parking permits are valid from the time the permit fee is paid thru 5:00pm the same calendar day.

Parking Permit may be terminated at the end of calendar month without further notice.

Parking Permit may be terminated for violation of policy at any time.

The owners and managers of Gibson Parking Lot do not offer or provide any additional services.

The Gibson Parking Lot owners and managers are not responsible for any damage to vehicle, theft of vehicle, or theft from vehicle. Vehicle and contents must be secured when parked in the lot.

Removal of snow will occur within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall of 2” or more. Snow removal will start at various times depending upon the time of the end of the snowfall.
When a vehicle occupies space on the parking area or driveway, that space will not be cleared (we will make our best attempts to clear around that space so access to that vehicle is not inhibited).

Any and all items not specifically stated will be handled in accordance with Wisconsin law.

Download Gibson Parking Lot Pricing & Policies(PDF)

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